Podcast Episode 1

Episode 1

Hello there. I am Simon Kaguramamba, your host. Welcome to the 1K Challenge! Check out my podcasts! Episode 1 – Introduction to the Africa 1k Challenge.

What is the 1K Challenge?

It is a 12 month mentorship programme that is designed to provide you with the opportunity to realize both your professional and developmental goals. This is a guided course where you will receive necessary support from experienced mentors via podcasts to discover your hidden potential and equip you with the necessary skills to earn at least 1K a month by joining and participating on the Global Digital Skills Marketplace.

In this video I will explain what the Africa 1K Challenge is all about, how it came about, who I am and why I am doing this as you may be wondering who this crazy guy is, who wants to help the world to earn 1K a month online from just their skills. Therefore, my vision is to enlighten you to think on a global level and realize that there are many unknown opportunities beyond our borders that you can participate and earn an income.

How did this come about?

In the primal days, elders used to pass on knowledge first-hand. Usually in the process that is goes over years as they led by example until the young were ready to learn how and why their elders operated the way they did in their villages. Through these methods passed on from generation to generation they were able to survive. This got me thinking that I need to step in and stand as that older brother as those primal methods have been eroded by the internet. Above all, I want to give back to the soil I was raised in and pass on what I have seen and learnt over the years living abroad to help individuals across Africa to earn a living online.

Who is Simon Kaguramamba?

I am an individual who was quite active and artistically minded. Due to that fact I was drawn to design and went on to study Architecture at university. My love for a fast-paced life led me to indulged in many activities such as music, created lots of material, learnt how to code and was fully absorbed into the web world. Therefore I became a massive freelancer who went through many trials and tribulations with businesses which gained me a lot of experience in the web world, selling digital skill services and more. Currently I am the co-founder of a business that offers solutions as well as offer application management for students in various countries.

Why am I doing this?

A few years back we increased our workforce by recruiting and employing staff from Zimbabwe. This got me to realise how much talent sitting is in Zimbabwe, as well as across Africa. Due to being ill-informed many individuals do not know that they can be earning a living in the western world whilst working from Africa. Immediately I saw a reason for me to create podcasts to connect the dots and enlighten other high skilled young Africans who do not know what to do with their skill. So I am here to help you realize what skill you have and understand what you can achieve with it.

What we will do together

There are many methods to earn an income on the internet. Most of the jobs are remote based meaning they do not require you to physically be with the client. During the course of the Africa 1K Challenge programme, I will be introducing and sharing the many methods that you can earn an income over the internet. Some of the methods that can be used are namely digital skills marketplace, remote working, knowledge sharing economy, being a problem-solving techie, becoming an influencer, affiliate marketing and many more. My goal is to show you that you can earn an income from what you have right now and introduce you to a world that you may have never believed was there. By making a few changes, abolishing a few assumptions and adjusting a few daily patterns can land you in the global market competing with professionals in the same market of service. With this course I am here to help you grow confident and inspire you to believe in yourself that you can also be successful.

Quick Challenge: After listening to the podcasts: Episode 1 – Introduction to the Africa 1k Challenge, create a short video explaining everything you understand about the Africa 1K Challenge, how you feel and how you are thinking and share it with a friend who you would like to take on the challenge with. Also in the video, state where you are in life and what you hope to achieve with the Africa 1K Challenge.

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