To guide & support 1 million young people across Africa to a 1k per month income.


With the Africa 1k Challenge, we are trying to sole one of the biggest issues that are faced by most African countries – unemployment. Many individuals don’t know where to start with the skills they possess, how to convert their skill into an income or even how to market themselves to prospective employees. Although they have the skills, the drive and the vision to be successful and earn a living, acquiring a job seems far fetched.

Since we entered the digital age, many platforms were created for individuals to start earning online. Our mission with the Africa 1k Challenge is to enlighten and guide young people to realize their skill and furthermore, earn a steady income whilst serving on a global level. Online Digital Market Places have become the main source on income for many people. They help many people stay financially stable whilst they work remotely. We are here to introduce you to the world of Online Digital Market Places.