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Visual artist gives back to city community - Harare Newsday, 20 May 2011

Sitting next to an unfinished painting in his Bulawayo studio recently, Bhebhe passionately spoke to NewsDay about his life journey in art and his burning desire to give back to his community.

Strewn on the floor of the studio were a range of acrylic paints that he was using to put final touches on a painting depicting a man and a woman holding hands walking over an X emblazoned in red.

“I normally do social commentary. There’re certain things that I reflect on which are based on people’s day-to-day experiences. I am more into people. I look at everyday simple people, those who are in the struggle for survival. For example, I look at vendors or recipients of food aid and try to bring them in the picture,” said the artist whose piece “Nightmare” won the Radio Dialogue art competition last year.

This article was published in the The News Day, an independent publishing company reporting from an ILO Skills Programme site in Bulawayo.

You can view the full article on their website by following the link below.