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The horticultural sector is considered strategic in terms of high employment opportunities since most production systems are labour intensive. According to industry experts and the Horticulture Council of Zimbabwe, on average a horticulture project has the potential to create 25 to 30 jobs per hectare. There are also high employment opportunities for women, who tend to be more productive than men in harvesting, grading and sorting of products. The horticulture sector has numerous downstream benefits in the packaging, processing, input suppliers and transport industries.

According to recent reports, the demand for horticulture in Zimbabwe is resulting from a growing demand from an improvement in consumer demand and capacity utilization of the local and regional industry. The TREE program in Gokwe South, Marondera and Mutoko is working with local partners and industry experts to skill youth and enable them to respond to the demand for horticulture output in local and regional markets.