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Arts centre equips youths with new skills- Harare Newsday, 24 May 2011

Sitting in an open-plan building with the glare of the late afternoon sun pouring in through big windows, 21-year-old Etheline Tutayi's face is in deep concentration as she draws a line to complete an African motif on a ceramic plate.She proceeds to dip a paint brush into a tin of glaze paint and neatly decorates a new plate with cave painting designs.

Tutayi said that she joined the Mzilikazi Arts Centre in Bulawayo in June 2009 after completing her Ordinary Levels in order to secure a means to support herself.

She received training from the centre and decided to specialise as a ceramics decorator. The centre currently supports young people in Bulawayo to gain new skills in creating ceramics which are sold in Zimbabwe and abroad.

This article was published in the The Newsday, an independent publishing company reporting from an ILO Skills Programme site in Bulawayo.

You can view the full article on their website by following the link below.